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Serving is a great way to deepen your relationships with people at church, but more importantly it's how we embody Christ's love in our own lives by serving others.

To see how you can use your God given passions and talents in serving Jesus, have a look at our Serving Guide. Some ways of serving require training, others are a great start for anyone wanting to serve. If there is an area that you would like to serve fill out the form below and Dave will be in contact with you to chat about how you can be equipped to serve our church family.


Current Serving Needs


We are looking for a team volunteers who have a passion for food to co-ordinate hospitality events or volunteers to help with catering or purchasing food for our dinners after the 6pm service and for other events. Please contact Dave for more information.


We are also looking for a team of volunteers who have a passion for reaching out to our friends outside of church and the local community by co-ordinating a variety of Connection Events or activities. It can be as simple as organising social/community dinners, going along to existing events (local or in the city), inviting our friends to activities that you already do and like or finding creative ways to connect with people in or around Freshie. You can contact Dave for more information.


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