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17th April 2019

Some highlights of the April meeting were:

  • That Emma Ellis (9.45am) has taken charge of St Marks application in the NSW Government's My Community Project Grant scheme.  The criteria may be hard for St Marks to meet but Emma will give it the best possible attempt.  We were agreed that the disabled toilet at the back of the church is the priority.

  • the prayer time for: Women’s ministry, the Office volunteers, Lights, Easter services, KASM , church finances, and those with particular health needs at present.

  • considering a report from Terry of his meeting with Emma Collet, an Anglican Youthworks advisor on Children’s ministry, to get advice on structuring the proposed part time children’s minister role for 2020.

  • news that Mr Paul Jacques was willing to be reappointed as honorary auditor of our 2019 financial affairs,

  • noting that in the financial statements to the end of March giving was below budget by nearly $8000.  However due to the favourable timing of some hall hire income & certain budgeted expenses not being due or necessary in the last quarter the overall financial position was a deficit of $4800.  PC hoped that people who haven’t increased their giving following the adoption of the 2019 Budget at the AGM, or who haven’t been giving, will do so.

  • the 2019 Budget provides for total giving to Missions outside of St Marks (for Anchor RE & CMS) of $20600.    At 6.7% of our income, this figure is still below the St Marks Vision aspiration of 10%. We should all support mission outside of St Marks.   Some of the congregation do this by giving direct to the Mission organisation.  Others by specifically noting that a portion of their giving via the church collection, is for mission.  So those who use envelopes have a separate side of the envelope for mission.  Those who give electronically have to make a transfer described as ‘Beyond Freshwater’. Historically the amount which is given in these two ways is much less than the amount St Marks gives to Mission from the overall finances.  In April, after discussion Parish Council declared that the following policy will operate from May 1st:  Any giving (by envelope or electronic means) directed to a particular mission organisation will be allocated toward funding the St Marks Budget commitment for that mission.  In the event that total annual receipts for a particular mission organisation exceed St Marks Budget commitment, the excess will also be forwarded to the Mission.


19th December 2018

At the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday December 19 some of the highlights were:

  • Accepting an offer from CMS to partner with new link missionaries - Pedro & Joy Woolmer.  The Woolmer’s have a pre schooler son, Mark.  In early 2020, they are planning on heading to Uruguay to be involved in University student ministry.  They will visit St Marks sometime later in 2019.  The Woolmer’s will replace Mark and Rosemary Dickens as our link missionaries.  As previously advised, Mark and Rosemary are returning from Singapore in late February.  They hope to find a ministry position in an Anglican church in Western Sydney.   The Dickens will be visiting us on Sunday March 31.  

  • Initiating steps to formally adopt the Diocesan Domestic Violence Policy.  This will involve us all growing in our understanding of this particular area of pain & sin within families.  

  • Noting that the financial position as at the end of November 30 was healthy.  Thanks to congregation generosity, St Marks should end the year with a surplus.

  • Giving thanks to God for Dave Binggeli’s ministry.  Dave prepared an overview of his work this year.  Tim Ellis also reported on Dave’s recent staff review. deciding to trial two working groups in 2019.  These will be comprised of PC members.  

  • One group will look at Finances & Stewardship, the other will monitor our Church Vision activities.  Each group will meet on months designated for the working party rather than full PC.  

  • Deciding to increase annual support of Anchor RE from $3600 to $4200.

  • Praying for Dave & Eirian, Christmas services, Third Friday, Katrina Low (as she leaves us), Kids Church team esp. new co-ordinator, the Woolmers, Jackie Fitzgerald, Karen Sonneman, Michael Sheehan