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September meeting:

  • Finalised the Gift Sunday plans for October 20, 2019.

  • Thankful that as at August 31 church giving was generous but noted that our expenses have exceeded giving by $7000.

  • Heard that the sandstone for the Church sign on the corner of the church property is about to be delivered. Plans for commissioning the actual sign were discussed.

  • Received updates from Sook on raising funds, and from Terry, on beginning recruitment of the Children’s Minister

  • Prayed for rain for drought affected areas, SRE, growth groups, finding the children’s minister, Ecclesiastes sermons, the Halloween event, Raising Kids event, members of the congregation with serious illness, Third Friday meeting on Friday 20/9, for more newcomers and for St Marks congregations to put themselves out to welcome, Gift Day, unemployed congregation members, Matilda Perry and her parents (baptism 22/9).

  • Noted, with thanks, that Emma Ellis has undertaken to submit a St Marks application in the currently open ‘Community Building Partnership’ grant scheme.

  • Subjected the Church Vision to its first Annual Review. We were encouraged that we are making great progress on the aspiration to employ a children’s minister in 2020 and that there had also been a number of new initiatives to enlarge St Marks’ community focus. It was felt that the main vision continues to be a good one and that we could have more engagement/knowledge of it across the congregations. Each aspiration was reviewed. Some suggestions to add greater clarity in the wording of a couple was noted for the PC Vision working group to consider and make further recommendations. Overall, it was felt that the Vision was helping us to make steps toward ‘sharing the gospel to all Freshwater, helping people to encounter, believe and grow in Jesus.’